22 June 2017

Anton Ianakiev

Reader of Finite Element Modelling at the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment.

Dr Ianakiev research and teaching are focused on using numerical simulation in heat transfer, sustainable materials, structures and buildings, energy efficient buildings, low temperature district heating.

Anton received his MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University of Sofia with distinction. Following a period of research work at Technical University of Sofia he has moved to University of London (Queen Mary College) for his PhD in the area of Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Mechanisms using Finite Element Method.

At present Dr Ianakiev is leading for Nottingham the REMOURBAN H2020 Smart Cities and Communities project. The project aims at the development and validation in three lighthouse cities (Nottingham, Valladolid, Eskisehir) of a sustainable urban regeneration model that leverages the convergence area of the energy, mobility and ICT sectors in order to accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies to significantly increase energy efficiency, improve sustainability of urban transport and reduce gas emissions in urban areas. He is also developing research in Smart Heat Networks, where his interests are in the development of low temperature district heating system with distributed energy storage to reduce transmission heat loses and load variations, incorporate renewable sources and use smart metering systems to optimise the heating system and reduce the overall running cost.

Anton has more than 35 publications in journals and conferences and he has 14 grants with industrial partners.