22 June 2017

Jannik Giesekam

Jannik Giesekam is a Research Fellow in Energy, Materials and Climate Policy at the University of Leeds. His research focusses on the adoption of material efficiency strategies as a means of reducing industrial energy use and carbon emissions. He is currently working at the RCUK funded Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIEMAP) on a number of collaborative interdisciplinary projects using techniques from engineering, economics and the social sciences.

Jannik has published numerous articles on materials innovation and carbon reduction in the construction industry; including co-authoring the recent Green Construction Board Low Carbon Routemap update. Jannik has also been involved in a number of policy relevant research projects with DEFRA, DBEIS and the Scottish Government and regularly speaks at industry events on materials and low carbon innovation.

Prior to his current position, Jannik completed a PhD on the potential contribution to UK climate mitigation targets from reducing embodied carbon in the construction industry. More information on his work at CIEMAP can be found at