22 June 2017

Keith Blanshard

Keith Blanshard has worked in the off-site sector for 40 years, overseeing the design, manufacture and construction of major building projects – a number of which won acclaimed industry awards for innovation and in sectors as diverse as apartments, retail, commercial, health and education.

He was a Director of both Portakabin and Yorkon and now holds the position of Executive Director of Build Offsite. He is also an independent consultant working with off-site manufacturers on design development and product implementation.

During his career, Keith has contributed to research into off-site construction carried out by CIRA and numerous Government DETR initiatives. He has worked on projects for the Steel Construction Institute about modular construction and pre-assembly, and represented the off-site industry on a Government Select Committee looking at engineered and mass production in the housing sector.

He was recognised for his contribution to the construction industry with the award for Personality of the Year at the Specialist Contractor Awards and remains very passionate about encouraging more clients, architects, consultants, and the supply chain to engage with the off-site industry.