22 June 2017

Peter James

Peter James is the Managing Director and owner of the Cintec International Ltd group of companies based in Newport Monmouthshire. The company was formed in 1984 and quickly expanded with companies in America, Australia, Canada, Egypt and India. Cintec is an acronym for cementitious injection technology and is a retrofit system that overcomes many of the problems faced by engineers using only traditional methods of repairing structures. Cintec is a name known throughout the world for their industry-leading Anchor and Reinforcing System; a versatile method has been used in historical buildings from the White House complex in Washington, Buckingham Palace to New York Underground and the Pyramids in Cairo. The company was awarded the Queens Award for innovation in 2002 for strengthening masonry arch bridges.

In recent years the company has expanded its product range to mitigate against terrorist attacks such as improvised explosive devices using a novel and highly effective protection using water in air inflated walls and bins. These products are rapidly deployed and offer instant protection including the so-called dirty bomb.